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Brasserie restaurant Winkk

Excellent food at an affordable price

Restaurant Winkk opend its doors 6 years ago. Winkk is known in the area to treat you to freshly prepared special dishes. Fair trade products – but just a bit different- at reasonable prices in a special ambiance. The monumental building in the heart of the Dongen has preserved her  classic look. Once inside, then you will enjoy the luxury and hospitality that belong to Winkk.

Special and surprising

Our menu is constantly changing. Every season you will discover new dishes on the menu. Ingredients are selected with the greatest care. Take a look at our menu and be surprised by the quality and price.
You pay around the € 10.00 for the starter, main course € 21.00, and desserts cost € 9.00.

Groups we can offer interesting deals.

We are open 7 days a week from 08:00 to 23:00.

Our restaurant is, because of its quality, also often visited by non-residents. Take a look at our restaurant website for a detailed description and menu (www.winkk.nl).